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At the end of the day, a uniform design ties everything together. Looking official and distinct will boost your credibility.


A graphic designer helps express who you are and what you’re about. The people looking for your type of brand will find you.

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“This badass graphics designer has been doing my graphics for 8 years!”

– DJ Chrome, Vancity VanLife
I’m Klay, I run Da Fine Design (formerly Upgraduation)
I’ve been designing professionally for a little over a decade and the goal has always stayed the same. The goal is to keep providing the best artwork we can and to keep you looking fly in the process. The world of design changes constantly so we’re constantly looking for new ways to stand out. I’m really just here to have you looking your best while doing it.
Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with many amazing individuals. Designing everything from flyers & logos to retro video game covers & skateboard decks. My favourite moments have been seeing people turn their logos into gold chains, tattoos, etc. It feels great knowing people take pride in the design.
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Here’s to more decades. Peace.

First impressions only happen once.

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Tell us about the sound of your new album or the type of party you’re throwing. We’ll adapt the design to your style and help your audience find you. A digital flyer and CD cover is a great set for your next single.


Hire a cartoonist to bring a playful vibe to your brand. Depending on your market, this will give you a competitive edge and make your brand’s style pop. With a cartoon character mascot, you’ll have something unique that no one else does.


Stay looking official at all times. Represent your business with an identity that’s clean, modern, and effective. The heart and soul of your brand will be on display with effective logo, flyer and collateral material design.

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